Besides the known materials for single-sided and double-sided printed circuit boards, there are also the components that are required for the construction of a board with more than two layers. The following table shows the materials used as standard by EPN.

Copper Foil Prepreg inner layers (cores)
18 µm 60 µm Typ 1080 100 µm von 18 µm Copper End thickness
35 µm 100 µm Typ 2116 200 µm  
70 µm 180 µm Typ 7628 360 µm  
105 µm   460 µm  
    710 µm  
    1200 µm bis 105 µm Copper End thickness
Examples of materials used by EPN. (Tg 130)

The tolerances and other typical manufacturing parameters can be found in our company standard.
In order to determine the delivery time ultimately resulting in the question of availability of materials, we recommend indicating specific requirements concerning the Tg value and er-value at the time of the inquiry. Special structures may be possible after consultation.
The Tg value is the glass transition temperature and says something about the thermal and mechanical stability of the material. The higher the Tg value the higher the thermal load in the subsequent soldering processes. Furthermore, it increases the dimensional stability. However, the price of the material manufacturer and the manufacturing costs can adjust accordingly.

The er value is the dielectric constant, and returns a value for the theoretical calculation of the impedance. The figures used for theoretical calculation values determine mostly the optimum at only minimal tolerance. Practically, tolerances of less than 10% can be guaranteed. However only if the layout is created impedance optimized, may tighter tolerances apply. An example would be the filling with GND surfaces to provide a uniform conductor height in the electroplating process. It is always advisable to plan a sample series to compare.
We are always striving to offer you the best offer of high tech and price. Therefore, please direct technical inquiries in this regard to the QM and CAM addresses indicated on our contact page.


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