A multi-layer consists of more than two electrically conductive layers which are rigidly connected to a circuit board. The standard design is with the core (K) with two-sided copper coating. This is followed by the prepregs (P), as insulation to support the final copper foil (F) for the outer layers or other cores.
Through the choice of structure type, various contacting possibilities at optimal or maximum technological limits can be achieved with the same number of layers. But the production cost and ultimately the cost will thereby be influenced.
The standard configuration of a multilayer by EPN consists of inner cores with symmetric structure. Multilayers are possible up to 16 layers with final thicknesses of a maximum of 3.20mm. The minimum final thickness of printed circuit boards is dependent on the number of layers and the structure parameters. An individual structure may be possible after consultation. In addition to the structure parameters, conditions such as blind vias or impedance requirements are to be clarified. As a basis, the tolerances are our company standard. Our staff will be happy to advise you in this regard.
  4 Layers 6 Layers 8 Layers 10 Layers
0.710 mm 0.360 mm 0.200 mm 0.100 mm
0.180 mm 0.100 mm 0.060 mm 0,060 mm
0.035 mm 0.035 mm 0.035 mm 0.035 mm
1.580 mm 1.560 mm 1.630 mm 1.540 mm

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