Solder Resist Mask

An aqueous alkaline developable, photo sensitive LSM applied by curtain is the standard: ELPEMER GL 2467 SM- DG from Peters. On request, we also often put different colored paints. It usually is an ELPEMER coating from Peters, which are then applied by screen printing. On the website of Peters you can find out everything you need to know about circuit print varnishes.

Screen Printing

For the screen printing we set the default colors black, yellow and white of the company Coates, since they must be compatible with the paint system. Other colored mounting prints are also available on request.

Carbon Conductive Ink


We use the paint SD 2841 HAL-IR from Peters. This coating is suitable alongside the application of buttons because of its very smooth surface for sliding contacts. This paint has the advantage that it is stable in the HAL process.


Via-hole filler


The pressure of the via-hole filler is used for the secure closure of Via - holes. It prevents the penetration of solder on the component side and the setting of fluxing agents in the holes. We use certain paints depending on the technological requirements. If the Via-closure must be performed after the application of the end surface, we use via-filling from the series SD 2361 from Peters


If it is technologically possible to perform the Via closure before the curtain coating, photo-sensitive coating XV 501 T is used from Coates Circuit Products.

Covering Varnish

Solder masks or removable solder resistant will be used as protection for partial coverage of circuit boards against direct contact with the solder or protection from galvanic processes.They have a very high tear strength and elasticity and can be easily removed after the soldering process.

Due to its high heat resistance, we use the SD 2955 from Peters, especially for lead-free applications.


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