Germany quality printed circuit boards

PCB Tipology

EPN Electroprint GmbH specialises in manufacturing standard technology PCBs.

Indeed, our manufacturing system was conceived and implemented to optimise both quality and costs in the manufacturing of single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer PCBs, including for small batches and fast in-line production.

The fact we belong to a European group of PCB manufacturers, offering high and superior levels of technology, means we can develop new expertise to offer our partners printed circuit boards that incorporate ever-more up-to-date technology.

Germany quality under the best conditions. You can count on us for your PCB needs.



The ideal solution for low-complexity electronic systems.

Double-side PCBs

The cost-effective solution for the majority of applications.

HDI / Sequential build up (SBU) PCBs

Preview for visits: Those with the best performance-space ratio.

Thick copper

High power / Heavy Copper PCBs

Understanding the high-power electronics market to live in the future for the rest of our lives.

High Frequency

RF & Microwave PCBs

High frequencies require high precision, experience with materials and capable processes.


More layers means more functions: multi-layer PCBs are the most commonly used type of printed circuit board.

High Frequency

Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) PCBs

IMS printed circuit boards are one of the most effective solutions for heat dissipation.