EPN technologies


Basic technologies for the majority of applications.

Basic technology is still the most popular and widespread technology on the market. The majority of electronic devices in fact requires simple, sturdy and high-quality electronics.

EPN is structured in such a way as to manufacture single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer printed circuits efficiently and effectively. We manufacture German Quality circuits at the best financial terms.

If you need a complex circuit, we can support you with the other companies in the Finmasi Group PCB Division: Cistelaier in Italy and Techci Rhone Alpes in France, two historic European high and superior technology printed circuit board manufacturers.


Vias technologies

In printed circuit boards, the vias enable connections between different layers.

Power & Heat management solutions

Temperature management is essential to preserve the finished product.

Controlled impedance & Integrity

Tools, expertise and capabilities to make controlled-impedance printed circuit boards.


There is always an appropriate surface finish for your PCB.

Solder Mask, Peelable and EMI Shielding

All the solder colours available on the market, in glossy and matt finish.