Surface finishes 

As the IPC guidelines also remind us, it is the responsibility of the PCB manufacturer to understand the critical issues of a design, on the one hand, and the issues related to the assembly of electronic components, on the other.

It is a mandatory process in order to mitigate or eliminate the risks linked to design upstream, as well as the risks related to the manufacturing process of the PCB assembler downstream.
In this context, the choice, even before the application of the surface finish, is decisive.
Our ability to listen to and understand the needs of those who come before and after us in the production supply chain thus becomes an important element of differentiation.
Some finishes are not recommended for certain product types, others may be considered as alternatives to each other, while others still are even imposed by the reference market sector.

We can offer the following finishes:

  • Lead HAL, Lead Hot Air Solder Leveling
  • Lead free HAL, Hot Air Solder Leveling Lead Free
  • ENIG, Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold
  • Chemical Tin
  • Chemical Silver
  • Electrolytic Nichel-Gold Bond Gold
  • ENIPIG, Electroless Nichel immersion - Palladium immersion Gold

For other, rarer application finishes, we have the expertise to rely on specialist external suppliers.

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