Our strength is the result of a synergy which has developed over more than 50 years among companies performing in different industries and all belonging to Finmasi Group, which is made up of four Divisions:

• Steel Division

- Metalsider in Ravenna, established in 1961;

- Sidermed in Mordano (Bologna), established in 1984.

• Service Division

- Hotel Executive and Ristorante EXÉ 1985 in Fiorano Modenese, established in 1985.

• PCB Division

- Cistelaier, resulting from the merger, realised by Finmasi in 1998, of Cistel in Genua, established in 1976, and Laier in Modena, established in 1986;

- Techci Rhône-Alpes based in France (Saint Genix sur Guiers), established in 1983 and acquired by Finmasi Group in 2011;

- EPN Electroprint GmbH, established in 1988 in Neustadt an der Orla, in Germany, acquired by Finmasi Group in 2019.

Common thread of Finmasi Group companies is the constant renewal which allows to fulfil customers’ growing needs. Finmasi Group is fully committed to guaranteeing the fundamental conditions to support the continuity of its companies.